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New visitor insights

Destination Canada’s Cutting-Edge Market Segmentation Research

Discover your ideal guests

Destination Canada will be rolling out a new visitor segmentation program in 2024 that will provide a deeper understanding of today’s travellers to, and within, Canada.

Through visitor profiles and targeting tools, the tourism industry can align on Canada's ideal visitor and leverage the reach of Destination Canada's marketing efforts.

Within the program, a complimentary suite of tools and resources will be accessible to all, plus a partnership opportunity for destinations seeking to maximize their utilization of this data. 

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Who in my organization will benefit from this program?

Businesses and organizations throughout Canada’s travel ecosystem will benefit from clear, traveller-focused insights and can be used by:

  • Destination marketers and researchers
  • Destination and product developers
  • Agency partners
  • Tourism businesses
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Program features

  1. Alignment with Destination Canada’s 2030 Strategy and leveraging of national marketing efforts to extend your reach
  2. Deeper understanding of the visitor in Destination Canada’s key markets (Canada, USA, Mexico, Germany, France, UK, Australia, China, Japan, South Korea)
  3. Improved targeting and activation options to help optimize your marketing, destination and product development investments
  4. Strengthens industry collaboration and ability to compete 

Our Enhanced Segmentation Approach

The time has come for a modern update to how we segment travellers.

Core Program Essentials

  • Deep insights based on traveller psychographics (values, attitudes, motivations)
  • Linked to PRIZM in Canada and the US, enabling links to other data sources and tools 
  • Includes all of Destination Canada’s international markets, plus Canada
  • Global segmentation capturing market-specific variations

New & Innovative Benefits

  • Clearer understanding of a segment’s economic value and responsible travel values
  • A stronger understanding of how motivations differ by traveller and trip type  
  • Tools for destinations to determine their ideal guest segments
  • Tools to assist DMOs in finding target segments in digital media
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