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About Us

The Canadian Tourism Data Collective is a new way for industries, communities, and governments to gain reliable, actionable intelligence about Canada’s tourism economy.

This national platform is an evolving ecosystem for sharing and accessing robust tourism data, research, and insights in one location, eliminating the need to consult multiple data sources, and encouraging collaboration and innovation. 

Actionable insights, one centralized location.


Connect, Collect and Collaborate

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Sharing knowledge

Timely information is presented in a variety of customizable formats, with integrated data providing  deeper insights and intelligence. 

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Making connections

Tourism professionals easily access a rich array of data and insights, fostering a culture of knowledge sharing and collaboration. 

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Empowering the industry

Decision-makers in both public and private sectors are empowered with better data, sparking innovation and driving more informed business decisions.

Turn Analytics Into Action

Engaging, accessible, and insightful data storytelling gives users the information they need to make critical decisions to optimize their efforts.

See the big picture of tourism in Canada – or drill down to local markets and specific tactics. By identifying and filling gaps in existing data sets, providing statistics on places and people from coast to coast to coast, and assembling both supply and demand data, we’re providing  a clear and holistic understanding and view of Canadian tourism to ensure we’re catering to our guests, influencing policy, fueling innovation, attracting investment and building wealth and wellbeing for all Canadians. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Canadian Tourism Data Collective?

The Canadian Tourism Data Collective is a centralized, accessible, and secure national platform that will serve as a two-way street for accessing and sharing data within the tourism ecosystem, unifying data silos across tourism demand and supply intelligence. 

2. Who is working on the Data Collective?

The Data Collective is a collaboration between founding partners Destination Canada (DC), Statistics Canada (STC) and the Department of Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED). The platform is powered by Google. 

3. Why was the Data Collective developed?

During the pandemic, a critical data gap was highlighted – the absence of a trusted central source of collective tourism intelligence to influence decision making during downturns, accelerate recovery, and facilitate industry resilience. The Data Collective was created as a response to that gap. 

The Data Collective will make finding and sharing tourism intelligence easier and more accessible, providing timely data, actionable insights, tools and resources to empower tourism leaders and stakeholders to confidently make more informed and impactful decisions. 

The Data Collective was also developed to serve as a central and trusted source of Canadian tourism data, eliminating the need for industry stakeholders to spend valuable time consulting multiple data sources.

4. How will the Data Collective contribute to empowering the tourism industry?

Fueled by a network of tourism partners across public and private sectors, and by harnessing the power of Canadian tourism data, research, and insights, the Data Collective will generate a  source of long-term competitive advantage for Canada’s economy. It provides an opportunity for Canada to not only join the ranks but quickly outpace our competition through a combination of innovative data-driven approaches and stakeholder collaboration that will unify our data silos to build a more resilient tourism future, make us more skilled as marketers, more successful and sustainable in developing destinations, and more accountable to Canadians.

Better data fuels better decisions and the Data Collective will empower decision makers across public and private sectors with better data – ultimately leading to stronger business decisions and successful outcomes.

5. Are there any upcoming updates planned for the Data Collective?

We are committed to progressively evolving the Data Collective and will be adding new features, functionality, and tools to the resources currently available. Sign up to our DC News to keep track of updates and releases. Review the release notes (link).

6. What information and data are available on the Data Collective?

We’re continuously evolving the products, tools, and resources offered in the Data Collective, with a vision to deliver powerful data, actionable insights, trend forecasts, and timely research. The Data Collective will feature:

  • Dashboards highlighting tourism performance through future-focused indicators and economic modelling
  • Publications communicating findings on topics that matter most for tourism stakeholders
  • Traveller Profiles which will drive audience segmentation, targeting and marketing ROI
  • Geospatial Mapping to inform supply-side intelligence and investment decisions

7. Who can utilize the Data Collective?

The Data Collective is publicly accessible, but is tailored to provide crucial data to empower decision makers such as:

  • government and associations by informing policy, fueling innovation, and enabling a holistic assessment of the economic, socio-cultural, and environmental impact of tourism down to the local level.
  • destination marketers by making it easier for them to understand and attract high-value guests and align
  • investors and destination developers by assembling supply and demand side data to identify opportunities, attract investment and increase relevant tourism products and services;
  • businesses, including SMEs, by providing centralized intelligence for operational and strategic decision making;

While elements of the Data Collective are available at no cost, we offer a subscription to additional proprietary data and information. To learn more contact us at   

8. Is the Data Collective user-friendly and compliant with accessibility standards? 

As a Crown Corporation committed to Canada’s linguistic duality, and in keeping with the Official Languages Act, all data in the Data Collective will be available in both English and French. 

In an effort to provide a fully accessible user experience for all platform visitors, the Data Collective was developed with a goal of achieving site wide WCAG 2.2 Level AA accessibility conformance. The site has been optimized for keyboard accessibility, colour contrast, and screen reader compatibility. We welcome your feedback on the accessibility of the Data Collective platform – please let us know if you encounter accessibility barriers while using the platform at

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